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Quantum Mechanix Gargoyles Goliath Q-Fig


Stone By Day, Warrior By Night

Goliath, leader of the last (he thinks) clan of living gargoyles, has awakened after a 1000 year sleep to find himself in the modern world and atop a New York City skyscraper. Standing nearly seven feet tall, the imposing gargoyle sits perched on his parapet, ready to defend his clan and adopted city. Will this stone guardian come to life once he takes his place in your collection? Only time will tell. 

Inspired by the classic Disney animated television series Gargoyles, the Goliath Q-Fig is as commanding as the fierce warrior himself. From his massive wingspan to his bestial tail, Goliath has been faithfully sculpted to capture his rage, power and boldness. No other collectible will bring the world of Gargoyles to life like the Goliath Q-Fig - your collection has a new protector, and your shelves will become his castle above the clouds. 

The magnificent Goliath Q-Fig stands approximately 6 inches tall from the diorama base to the tip of his outstretched wings. The base itself is meticulously sculpted to resemble the gothic rooftop of the Eyrie Building, which will match perfectly when paired with the spectacular Demona Q-Fig. We can’t promise they’ll get along if you display them together, but trust us - they’ll look great regardless.

*Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Final product may differ slightly.