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Funko Pop! Transformers Soundwave #26


Condition: 8/10

Pop will come in a soft protector.


* A note about condition: We make an honest effort to review our Pops precisely, so you realize what is in store for your Pop and its box to resemble. Pops recorded as an 8 out of 10 or better can be expected to have at the most minor shelf wear, and best-case scenario, be entirely mint.

** Sticker Disclaimer: We do our absolute best to utilize exact stock photographs in each listing, which means in the event that the picture shows an exclusive sticker, at that point the Pop you get will likewise have the sticker. On the off chance that there is no sticker in the pic, at that point you should buy with the agreement that the Pop you get will have no sticker. All Pops that we sell with or without stickers are 100% authentic.

*** Legal disclaimer: All Pops were bought by us on the secondary market and are not straightforwardly supplied through Funko. Thusly they are being sold as used.