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Quantum Mechanix Q-Fig Elite Alien Queen


Inspired by the iconic sci-fi action/horror film Aliens, the Alien Queen Q-Fig Max Elite brings you her majesty just as she's about to exact her revenge on Ripley. This is one massive Q-Fig - the Queen stands 7 inches tall and towers over brave Ripley. Her barbed tail nearly wraps around the entirety of the starship-themed diorama base, and her razor-sharp teeth are ready to sever, well, anything. The best part? The base of the Alien Queen connects with the Ripley Q-Fig (Sold separately), allowing you to display them together as they meet in pitched battle.

Product Features

7 inches (19cm)

Made of PVC

Part of the Q-Fig Max Elite line up

Based on the film, Alien

Connects with the Ripley Q-Fig (Sold separately)

Box Contents

Alien Queen figure